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A tribute to my Father

This web site is dedicated to my father, Owen O'Malley, and members of the 462 Squadron based in the United Kingdom during World War II.

As a young airman in England, Owen was shocked to realise that so few in his squadron had survived the requisite number of thirty sorties to qualify for an extended period of leave. Owen survived not only his years of war service, but in later life, a battle with Lymphoma.

He was killed as he completed a handling display in a Wirraway during an airshow at HMAS Albatross, Nowra NSW on May 30, 1999.

This page is also dedicated to Phil Lloyd who died with Owen. Phil was also involved in the restoration of the Wirraway.

My Brother Owen
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RAAF Log Book
Some information about Halifax
Some information about TAA & the 46ers
Some information about Wirraway 458

I'd be thrilled to receive comments or to hear from any of the crew or squadron members or their friends and relatives.

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